At College & Career Advisors, our mission is to be your guide as you chart the course for your career journey. Whether you’re the parent of a college-bound student, or a student, we seek first to understand your expectations, goals and dreams. This understanding begins an analysis of student interests, core strengths and aspects of ‘fit’. Then, we match aspects of fit to a short list of colleges and create a personal timeline for college admissions.

We are a guide for getting into college, but more importantly, we want to navigate the career journey with you because career decisions don’t end with college admission. After college admission, we can guide you to choose a major, change your major, or evaluate how to apply your degree to the changing workforce. Our logo implies direction for a course of journey, but we know the course can change, so our approach is flexible and customized.

Why would you want to hire an independent counselor to work with you during the transition to college? Many people say "peace of mind" and a "sounding board" are their primary reasons. Emotions aside, the reality is that the college process has become more complex and competitive due to changing demographics and workforce globalization.

If you seek direction for the journey, or just a sounding board, then contact us. We look forward to being your guide, as you chart and navigate the course for your career journey.